Friday, 6 April 2012

Fennel, radish and cherry tomato salad

I don't enjoy queuing. Which is why I've never been to Barrafina. That was until Saturday just gone - that glorious Saturday of the year where you know it's really Friday as you've still got Sunday and Monday off. En route to a friend's place I thought I'd stop off in Soho to visit Koya. However, I walked past Barrafina, and pretty much like Soho on this weekend, it had about 2 people in it. Seize the day.

The highlight of the entire meal - all of which (croquetas, salt cod fritters, pan con tomate) was a lovely quick eat, was the fennel, radish and cherry tomato salad. I liked it so much, I made it at home and it's sodding easy and sodding lovely - and look - the photo turned out alright !

  Fennel, Radish and Cherry Tomato Salad

Chop a fennel bulb very thinly, do the same to some radishes and halve some cherry tomatoes. The one expensive ingredient here was moscatel vinegar from Brindisa (I asked at Barrafina and the lovely waitress happily shared the recipe's secrets) which set me back a wallet-disgracing £7.50. It is lovely and mellow though. To this I added some grassy, delightful olive oil from a friend's parents farmhouse in Italy (get me). Mix it all up and there you are. I felt quite virtuous after eating it.